Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disneyland / Beach House

The week before Halloween Lexi and I went to California with my sisters, their hubby's, and my mom. It was so much fun. We stayed at an AMAZING beach house in Huntington, and went to Disneyland. Lexi loved Disney! I was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. I thought for sure she would be terrified of the characters but she just wanted to kiss and hug them. I took her on the Matterhorn, and the roller coaster in Toon Town, it was so weird to see such a tiny little girl on these big rides, but she wanted to do them over and over again. We went on a bunch of the kids rides too, on those she kept saying, "Tell them to go faster mommy!" We of course also went to the beach while we were there. It was pretty cold, once you got in the water it wasn't too bad. Me and Jami buggy boarded, the kids just played in the sand all day with the boys. I love the beach, wish I lived right by one.

Pumpkin Patch

Going to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite traditions we do as a family. It is just so cool to see a never ending field of huge orange pumpkins, and be able to pick whatever one you want. This year we had a big party afterwards with yummy food, treat bags, and our families version of pumpkin carving. We found Mr. Potato Head pumpkin kits that are super cute, as well as, extremely clean! That is just how my mom prefers it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spencer, Jami and Fam come to Utah

Whenever Jami and her family come home to Utah, Lexi and I go up to Layton and stay at my mom's with them. It is always such a good time. Me, Jami, and Shannon (when she can make it) turn back into teenagers. I am sure my mom hates it, since we are really messy, eat all her food, and sleep in until 10:00 everyday. But we absolutely LOVE staying with her, and Mike. Lexi and Navi have many matching clothes, and jammies. To say that Lexi loves pretending like she is a mom, to anyone that is younger than her would be an understatement. She goes the whole nine yard with baby talk, feeding her a bottle, wanting to change diapers, holding Navi, and do Navi's hair.

Spencer's family does a trip up to Bear Lake every year, and I used to go before I was married and just act like I was part of the fam. This year I decided to take Lex up and show her the whole Bowen experience. The Bowen's are probably the nicest, most humble, and generous people I have ever met. They treated me and Lexi just like family. It was such great day! Lexi and Crew loved the kayak. Spencer would push them through the water, and they thought they were pretty cool.
Spencer's main goal in life is to tease people. Especially those who are a bit sensitive like Lexi. He does it all in good fun, and Lexi need a bit of teasing in her life. If you look really close you can see a frog on Lexi's head which I am pretty sure she didn't realize was there.
One night we gave the kids a bath, and then just sat out in the hallway talking. When we came in to get the kiddos out of the tub this is what we found! Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!!!!!! They were everywhere! And this is a very deep bathtub, when standing the bubbles at one point went all the way up to Lexi's bellybutton.
So many bubbles so little time!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jackson Hole Family Vacation

For our family vacation this year we went up to Jackson Hole/Victor Idaho for a week. It was such a blast. Me, my sisters and their husbands decided to go up a few days before the rest of the fam. Brian wasn't able to join us, so Doug and Spencer stepped in as Dad to Lexi. They are so good to her! She loves them almost as much as her own dad. We went up to Bar J chuckwagon dinner on our first night in town.

Spencer taking the kids exploring before the show. Lexi was terrified of the horses, but Crew boy loved them.

Lexi and Crew. They act more like brother and sister than cousins. They sort of have a love/hate relationship. But they are both as cute as ever!!!!
The next day we went to Jenny Lake, and as you can tell Spencer thought it would be a good idea to get in his undies. The lake was freezing but that didn't stop him and Crew from enjoying it. There was also a bunch a tiny fish that the boys kept catching.
Of course the kiddos had to get in their undies too~
After a refreshing time in the lake we took a short little hike around it.
Victor Idaho (where our cabin was) is such a fun town. They had this fun music festival going on while we were there. It just had some bounce house, loud music, and tons of people.

This vacation was such a great time! We stayed at an amazing cabin/resort. I loved it there because you felt like you were in the woods in a super nice cabin, but it had all the amenities of a fabulous resort. There was a huge swimming pool, hot tubs, splash pad, tennis courts, a spa, an amazing restaurant, and a workout facility. Thanks to my mom, and Mike for such a great trip, we will never be able to repay you for all the memories you have created.

Summer Fun

We did a lot of fun things this summer including carnivals, splash pads, and eating many many popsicals. Lexi loved going to the carnivals and was not afraid of any of the rides. She would just want to go again and again. Brian won her this ugly, enormous monkey, by shooting a basketball, she is now obsessed with it.
I won her this awesome goldfish by throwing a ball into a fish bowl. I did with my second ball, and everyone thought there was no way I could do it. Unfortunetly, the fish died by the time we got to the car so we had to put him in the garbage can. Lexi was pretty sad about this and for the next few day kept asking where her fish went.

This was Lexi's favorite ride. She would have the hugest smile on her face the whole way down. Poor Bri had to take her about 4 times.
Lexi with her friends Lily and June.
There is this great splash pad in Highland/Alpine that we go to as much as we can. I love it because I don't need to worry about Lex drowning.

This is where Lex has to eat her popsicals if we aren't outside.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4th of July

This year for the 4th of July we went to the Kaysville parade since my niece was going to be dancing in it. Well I have to say I am not the biggest fan of parades, but it just doesn't seem like the 4th without one. About 20 minutes into the parade we decided to take off early and get a head start on the crowd. After we all got into the car (me, Lexi, Brian, Shannon and Doug) and tried to drive home we realized the parade was going in a circle and we were trapped!!!! Who does that!?! We were trapped for about 2 hours, we thought that the parade would be an hour tops, not 2 and half. Lexi thank goodness was being a super good girl in her car seat as we sat there and waited.

A 4th of July tradition we started last year is to go to Oakridge Country Club for their fireworks and buffet. We love going to this because there is no prep, no clean up, and a small crowd. The fireworks are pretty good too. They have hula hoop contests, face painting, and balloon making. It is such a fun tradition.

Don't worry it is just water in that cup not pop!

Lexi's 2nd Birthday

Lexi Lou turned 2 years old on June 27th. We kept it pretty low key this year considering it was her Uncle Tanners last b-day before his mission too. Lex is so lucky to share her birthday with her cousin Tatum, and her Uncle Tanner. We of course had a pool party/BBQ for all three of them.

You have never seen such a cake snatcher in all your life! If we weren't looking Lexi would be digging her tiny baby fingers into the cake. She would point to the cake and say "my cake" and when she pulled her finger back it would be covered in frosting. After everyone was served a piece I finally gave her a fork and let her just go for it.

It was so fun to watch her open presents this year. She finally got the idea of it, and would be super excited for each present she got.
Brian and I gave her this little four wheeler. She was good at sharing it with all of her cousins too. I loved watching her run out of my mom's front door when she saw her four wheeler. She just kept yelling "my bike, my bike, my bike"!!!!!!!