Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shower Preparation!

Mike cleaning the garage.
Sweet baby Crew wanting to help out and be just like Grandpa!
He was such a good little helper, and looked a bit like a white trash baby!
Jami and Marla making my diaper cake.

Jami and Marla putting bows on all of the candy vases.
Jami and my mom making chicken salad sandwiches, and fruit kabobs. My mom always has the best fruit.

My Baby Shower!

Last week I had my baby shower. My sister Jami flew out from Denver to put the whole pary together. She did such a good job, I seriously should have paid her big bucks for all the hard work she put into making it such a special day for me. My mom, Mike, Marla Call, Kristy Smith, and Teresa Hansen also put in some long gruling hours to pull the whole day off. Mike did yard work until the middle of the night (which looks amazing), and then the weather turned on us to at the last minute he had to clean out the garage. Marla made all of the cute little pink pots for the party favor, brought the glass containers and candy, it all turned out darling! Kristy did just about anything we asked her too. Teresa brought all of the table clothes, chair sashes, and gorgeous silver platers for the food. Carolin Robinson made three delicious salads. I had the week off so I was able to follow Jami's orders and help out with some of the decorations. Jami and I spent almost everyday all day for five days getting things ready. I was so impressed with all the awesome ideas she had. My mom also had a lot of great ideas, they are both the best party planners I know. To bad the pictures don't show how great the garage looked. Thanks to all of those that came and gave me a gift. I hope you had as much fun as I did. When it was all over I almosted started to cry because I was so sad, I didn't want it to end. I feel so grateful to Jami and my mom for spending so much time on putting this shower together!!! I was so happy that my mother-in-law was able to fly out from Michigan to attend the shower. She was such a trooper to hang out all day not knowing a sole. She is such a sweet heart! I also have to thank my Aunt Holli for making her famous cake. It was so cute, and the best tasting cake I have ever eaten!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Painting Complete!

Here is the nursery with the completed paint job. The color is light pink if you can't tell.

This is the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids that my sister Jami helped me pick out, and got for me at a great price. Thanks Jame!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Nursery in the Making!

Ever since I found out I was going to be having a baby girl I decided she needed the girliest of girly rooms, and it definitely dosen't get any girlier than pink paint. Little did I know the process it took to paint a room. I thought you just went to Home Depot bought a bucket of paint and a brush and started painting. Boy was I wrong!!!! First of all my husband is a huge perfectionist, a characteristic that I do not have, so he had to tape the entire room to complete perfection, and then cover every other thing in the room that he did not want paint on. This process took over 5 hours-I want to die! But I am super grateful that he did such a careful job because her room looks amazing.

Easter Weekend

Over Easter weekend my family went to Huntington Beach California. We had such a great time! I feel so lucky to have parents that plan fun vacations. These vacations really help our unconventional family grow close together. My mom and Mike have done such a good job at combining the two families. Here are a few pictures of our awesome vacation, I misplaced my camera toward the end so I only have pics from Disney Land. Thanks Mom, and Mike for such a wonderful trip!!!!!!

28 Weeks Pregnant!

Right now I am 32 weeks pregnant but here is a picture of me at 28 weeks pregnant.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I AM BACK!!!!!!

Yay, my computer is finally fixed!!!!!! I am going to pick it up toady, and I will update my blog tonight. There are so many things that have happened in the past month so there will be a lot of pictures. I had no idea how bad my computer was, it took the computer dude over 10 hours to fix it. Thankfully the job is done and I can start blogging again.