Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have been sort of a slacker lately with my blogging. Here are a few pictures, and events that have happened over the past few weeks.
Lexi and sweet Graham cuddling after a day at the pool!!!
This is Lexi's first time swimming, she loved the water and did not want to get out!!!! These are the dresses sweet Lexi has worn to church. I love getting her dressed up and ready for church!

Some of my high school friend got together for a pool party. It was so fun to see all of us together with our kids.

Grandma King came to visit. Lexi, Brian and I had such a great time with her!

Lexi giving us a huge smile, with a little bit of a giggle.

Lexi with her cousin Mckenna.
This is Lexi and her boy-toy Cohen on a shopping trip. They are definitely party animals.

Lexi fell asleep on my leg while I was reading her a story. She was just so pooped!
Lexi finally likes her swing!!!! Yay, it is a life saver!
This is my amazing work as a pedicurist. I think I should go professional.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i am: Watching the Olympics :) I love them!!!!
i think:Doing laundry is torture, it is a never ending chore, and I have load and loads to do.
i know: I could never have a sweeter husband. We fit together so perfectly, no one else could handle my weird quirks
i want: A fabulous walk-in-closet filled with designer clothes, shoes, and handbags.
i have: A beautiful baby girl, who is so precious, I just can't get enough of her!
i dislike:People with a hidden agenda.
i miss: Being in really good shape. I need to get my butt back to the gym!
i fear: For my big trial in this life.
i feel: A rush of adreniline when I buy new clothes, shoes, and handbags.
i hear: The sound of my baby sleeping, she has a stuffy noes and is breathing really loud.
i smell: Fresh baked bread from dinner, yummy!
i crave: Rocky Road ice cream, with milk. It is my favorite treat.
i cry: Hardly ever.
i usually:Talk to my sister Jami, and my mom everyday
i search: Other peoples blogs, looking for people I know.
i wonder: When the economy will turn around, when gas prices will go down. Hopefully really soon!
i regret: Not moving to NYC or LA while I was single.
i love: My family :) All of them!
i care: About having good girl friends, every girl needs her friends!!
i always:Make my bed. I cannot stand a bed un-made, it drives me crazy.
i worry: About the world my daughter has to grow up in, it just gets worse and worse.
i am not: Drama, I hate drama. However, I love it on TV!!!!
i remember:My first performance as a Cardinale (high school drill team) it was on the football field, and I was terrified I was not going to do everything perfectly, but I did and it felt fantastic!
i believe: Everyone deserves a second chance.
i dance: Crazy, and silly, and when I am so excited the energy has to leave my body.
i sing: Always, even though I am terrible, it just makes me happy!
i don’t always: water my plants, well I should say I don't water my plants. They hate me anyways, I have never been able to keep a plant alive for more than a week.
i argue: Only when I can win, which is not very often.
i write: not at all! As you can tell from my blog I hardly ever write, I am more of a picture person.
i win: American Idol contests I have against my sister Jami, Shannon is the judge.
i lose: Every game against Brian, we have game night frequently and I don't think the girls team has ever won before.
i listen: To music in the car, or the TV when I am at home. I cannot have a silent house when I am by myself.
i don't understand:How my husband reads the most boring business books all day long. They would put me straight into a comma.
i can usually be found: At home, or at the pool.
i am scared: Of the dark, always have been always will be.
i need: To go feed my baby, she is very hungry.
i forget: Everything! If I ever come to your house make sure I leave with everything I came with, because I won't remember.
i am happy: When Brian get home from work early and we can hang out for a few hours before bed!

I hope a lot of people who read this do one on there blog so I can read it!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Heaven On Earth

Lake Powell is one of my favorite places in the world. This year we were so lucky to have the entire family go! There were 18 adults, 7 kids, and 3 babies. We had such a great time. Thanks Mom, and Mike for making this trip possible, we are so grateful!!!!

The boys played king of the tube until they could barely swim. I was just glad no one got hurt!

Grandpa Mike put the little ones to work! They loved spraying the cleaner and wiping it up.
Crew boy would not get off the Malibu, he thought he was so cool when he got to drive it.

The boys hanging out on Grandpa Mike's boat.

Grandpa and Grandma played ring-around-the-rosies with the grandkids.

This is Lexi, Tatum, and Grandma. They were born on the same day.

I had bought 10 swimming suits for my little sweetie, unfortunatly she didn't have a chance to wear them all, but here are pictures of the ones she did get to wear. The strawberry one is my favorite. I think I have an addiction!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Final Decision

Thanks for all the input with the name confusion. The funny thing is that right after I posted it Lexi started to seen like a Lexi. I guess I will just have to save the name Rozzalyn for my next daughter.