Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New In Town and AMAZING!!!

Becky Earl is the new hot photographer in town! She has recently moved to Utah County from Las Vegas, and brought her incredible talent with her. I am so excited that she has moved here so I can get Lexi's pictures taken by her anytime I want. She just did Lexi's pictures and they are soooo dang cute!! She seriouly is AMAZING, she took her time with me, was so cute with Lexi, and had the best ideas! I never felt rushed and she was really professional. You can check out her blog and see the darling pictures of Lexi at

www.beckyearlphotography.com and click on her blog.

twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder WHERE THE HECK YOU are

Some friends of ours and us went up to the Sundance film festival with the hopes of seeing some A-list Celebrities. And of course we did not even see ONE famous actor or actress! I do have to admit that we had a blast anyway!

Even though we didn't see anybody famous there were other people up there that we super excited to see our friend Lee Cummard. People keep coming up to him and asking for their picture to be taken with them. Who knew that being a BYU basketball player could get someone so much attention at a film festival?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day With Dad!

Last Saturday I had a fun day out with one of my girlfriends! We got pedicures, went to lunch, and went to see Bride Wars (which is awesome!!!) So Brian and Lexi got to spend a little alone time together. I asked Brian if he wanted me to pick out an outfit for Lexi before I left, but he assured me that he could do it all on his own. Well when I went to go pick up Lexi from Brian I saw Lexi through the window and almost fell to the floor. I started laughing so hard I was crying for at least 20 minutes. First he put her in a pajama top, with leggings that had a skirt over the top, he thought they matched! Then he put pink socks on that he thought matched the sheep on the shirt. And to top it all off she had no bow in her hair, and bed head. At least he tried, and she was just happy to spend the day with dad!What Lexi looks like when her mom dresses her. When we got home I had to change her clothes asap!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vegas Baby!

This year for New Year's we went to Vegas with Brian's family. It was so much fun. We partied at a Vegas club on New Years Eve, where I have to say we look like pretty big nerds. Lexi got a lot of one-on-one time with her Grandma and Grandpa King. They would come get her every morning so I could sleep in. We also did some shopping and a little bit of gambling. I came away with $75!!! Brian and I would sit at the table where you would only have to bet a dollar at a time, and every time we even won two dollars we acted like we hit a huge jackpot!This is the Lexi girl in her New Year's Eve dress.
We had dinner at the top of the Stratosphere. The view was really beautiful.

Lexi loved the M&M factory.

Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning this year was so much fun! Even though Lexi didn't have a clue what was going on I still wanted to make it special. Well I couldn't find my camera, and then my mom ended up getting me a new camera for Christmas, and then of course I missed placed that one. So I only got a few pictures of Christmas day. I didn't find my new camera until we got home and unpacked all of our presents.
Grandma King got Lexi this silly little outfit. She was our very own Mrs. Clause!