Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Sand Beach....

I have got a serious case of the Winter Blues, and need a beach vacay ASAP!

Let Me Shop, Let Me Shop, Let Me Shop

I also need a HUGE Shopping Spree. I look in my closet everyday hoping there will magically be something new to wear, and Spring is my favorite time to buy clothes. Unfortunately I don't see either of these in my near future.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Of Those Days!

I am so glad that yesterday is over! I swear from the moment I woke up nothing went my way. First of all Lexi woke up extra early and with a cranky additude. She wanted me to hold her and would scream if I put her down. Well I needed to get ready so while I showered she bawled and while I was doing my hair. Finally it was time for a nap. During Lexi's nap I needed to get dressed, but you know when you try on everything in your closet and everything makes you look like ultra fat, or extremely out of style? I just couldn't find an outfit that looked good, and I keep searching hoping that a new wardrobe was going to miraculaously just appear from out of nowhere. I finally decided on a dreadful outfit and went into the kitchen and to my surprise everydish and pan we own was spread out across the entire counter. Our lovely dish washer is broken so my husband decided to unload all of the dirty dishes onto the counter in pursuit of finding a clean one. There were about 6 dirty pots in the sink as well. So I thought I might as well just hand wash all of these, of course I come to find out that we are out of liquid dish soap. Now I am left with this disgusting kitchen. Then my sweet baby Lexi decides to wake up after a 45 minute nap, when she usually takes a 3 hour nap. I thought well this is fine I really wanted to go to the library and get the next book in my series, so I get all packed up and head to the library. And of course it is CLOSED. I was seriously so sad, I was so looking forward to going to the library. Well I needed to go to the grocery store as well, but that didn't hold much excitement so I decided to go to Target instead, because Target is always a good time. So I did some shopping and got some dish soap etc... I am at check out and realize I have no money, no credit card nothing! I ask the clerk to watch my stuff so I can go out to my car and see if my cc is in there. Of course it is not. I am about to go crazy because I don't want to go home to a dirty kitchen with no cleaning supplies, and I don't want to have to go back to the store later to get all this stuff again. I finally call Brian to see if he will come to Target to pay for the groceries, but he couldn't. So I asked the clerk is my husband could give him a cc over the phone. He said they usually don't allow this, but he would do it for me!! Okay so I am getting all my stuff into the cart and heading out to the car, and guess what is missing? Yep my KEYS!!! I haul all of my stuff back into Target, oh and Lexi has about had it with me by now. Ask the clerk if he has seen my keys, he hasn't I go searching all through Target, empty my diaper bag, they are nowhere to be found. I want to cry about now. After about a half hour of searching I check my pockets for the hundreth time and find them in my COAT pocket. I was just so glad to find them that I didn't even realize how big of and idiot I am until later! I am just so glad it is a new day!!! WOW.....someone throw me a pitty party quick!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Baby Valentine

Here is Lexi in her Valentine's Day outfits!

She was getting very tired of her mom taking so many pictures!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

This is just a quick little note to tell my hubby how much I love him. He is an amazing man, and sometimes I think it is to good to be true, that I am lucky enough to be married to him. He is the best example to me, and helps me become a better person. One of the qualities that I admire most in him is his ability to be a loyal, true friend. He never speaks poorly about anyone, and never has a hidden agenda. What you see is what you get! Bri I love you very much!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crazy Girl!

Brian and I always laugh at our sweet baby girl! She seriously has the most expressive face I have ever seen on a baby. She does the funniest things with her eyebrows! These don't really capture what you see in real life, but they are still pretty funny!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It had to happen eventually!

It happened, after 6 and a half years of being a citizen of Provo, Utah I have officially become a BYU FAN! I am not even sure of how it happened, it just snuck up on me a little bit at a time. Lexi is even sporting a BYU onesie that was generously given to her by her (hopefully soon to be aunt) Sarah! All I have now to say is "GO BYU, YOU ARE #1"