Sunday, September 13, 2009

Goodbye to Summer

Okay this is a huge picture overload! We had a super crazy summer and these are a whole bunch of pictures I never got around to posting. It went by so fast and Lexi changed from baby to a hyper little girl.

We are going to miss going up to the canyon and wading our feet in the waterfalls.

We are going to miss days at the pool, and water parks.

We are going to miss Family Home Evening at the park.

We are going to miss warm summer nights.
We are going to miss playing on our lush grass in our yard... Oh I mean the black top.

We are going to miss all the fun carnivals through out the state of Utah.

We are going to miss our long walks.

And we are definitely going to miss our summer fashion of shorts, sunglassess and flipflops.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Michigan 2009

We took a little weekend trip to Michigan over Labor Day. We love when we get to go there, we sleep in, eat non stop and just relax. Brian's dad own an aviation paint shop and here are some of the planes that he has painted.
Grandpa giving Lexi a ride.

An airplane before it gets painted, but after it is stripped down with many chemicals.

The airplane after a superb paint job.
This is us just hanging out at the house.

Lexi and Grandpa.

Brians brother Brad and his girlfriend Sarah. (Please don't look to closely at me in this picture... It had been a VERY LAZY Sunday!)
Lexi on Grandma's four wheeler.

And the real reason we came: Brian's Ten Year High School Reunion.
This is Brian's best friend Luke. He is awesome!

Doesn't Brian look like a baby compared to his friends?