Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elton John and Billy Joel Concert

Last weekend my mom and Mike treated us to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert. It was such a fun night. We started out eating at the Little America and then rode Tracks over to Energy Solutions Arena. It was just so nice to have an adult night. The concert was amazing but I do have to say the Elton John was a tad, in the words of Simon Cowell, indulgent. He made all of his songs about ten minutes longer than the original it. I think he just wanted to hear himself play, he also played a few songs that I have never heard of. Billy Joel was nothing but perfection! He played all of his songs that are super popular. He was way into the crowd you could tell he just loved what he does. Elton looked a bit like a wizard.... but what else would you expect from him.

After the concert we were in serious need of SUGAR! We got some room serivce around 1 am and induged big time!
Little America has some amazing Cherry Pie

First video is Brian at the concert, second one is me at the concert. We are sort of different!

It probably make a difference when I knew practically every song even the not so popular Elton ones, and Brian knew about 2 of Billy Joel and that is about it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ticketed with an act of violence!

Don't let this sweet innocent face fool you. Under those puppy dog eyes, those big puffy lips, and long lashes, is the dwelling of a convicted criminal! Today at the gym while I was checking Lexi out of the day care they handed me this blue paper to sign. At first I was not sure what it was, then I noticed the title at the top. ACT OF VIOLENCE!
To be perfectly honest I wasn't to surprised that this happened, we have been dealing with her acting out for over a month now. But to have someone hand you a paper confirming it was, to say the least, completely Humiliating! I read on through the paper as it pointed out exactly every injury she inflicted on another child: smashed car into a childs head three times, pulled hair and would not let go (hand had to be pried loose), scratched face, ears, etc.... And then at the end of the paper it says, "If this happens again she will be suspended from the Day Care until further notice." Awesome right?
I am just not sure what to do. Everyone keeps telling me to do it back to her, when it happens, but this goes against everything I ever learned in my child development classes. Time out is okay except she loves the attention she gets from it, reasoning doesn't work because she is only 19 months and has no idea what I am talking about. If you have any answers for me or ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our winter so far....

Wow this winter has been so busy! Now that it is February and I have a weekend with not much planned I decided this was a great time to catch up on my blogging. To start my winter off this year me and my friends braved one of the coldest nights of 2009. We waited in a 12 hours line to get good seats at the New Moon premier. This might sound a little extreme. But it was totally worth it!!!!! I think it made the movie that much better, and we got into the New Moon spirit. I of course had my Team Jacob shirt on, and loved every minute of him shirtless.

One of my other favorite things I have done this winter was go to the David Archuleta Christmas Concert. As many of you know I absoultely LOVE him. He was even more amazing in concert than I could have ever imagined. I thought I was going to be his oldest fan there. I sat on the fourth row and not one person in front of me was under the age of 50! He definitely attracks the older crowd. One women was going to over 6 shows... um.... sort of creepy!

After the show i tried to sneek backstage, but my bright pink coat was a little noticable.
Lexi HATES HATES HATES Santa Clause!!!!! Well she actually doesn't really like any one that is a male older than 5. So a fat man in a weird suit with a scary beard is definetly not an exception. The funny thing is she is obssessed with him in Christmas books, she always want to kiss him and just stare at his picture.

This was my attempt at getting a Christmas card. And this was probably the best picture I got of Lexi, so obviously I didn't send one out. She hates getting her picture taken.

Every year we go to the Sumner Christmas party in Sundance. Here are some pics from this year.
Lexi holding onto Grandma as tight as she can.

This was our high school friend Christmas Party. It was an ugly sweater party, I wore the dress my mom wore to my wedding. That is right that gold disco ball I have on is what she wore to my wedding!!!! Um... why didn't we tell her how horrid it was?
Christams morning!!!!!!!! Lexi liked her cousin Crew's race track more than her doll, stroller, and craddle. You just never know....

I know Jami and my pj's are retched! My mom always gets us really cute jammies for Christmas but this year they never came in the mail. So me, Jami, and Shannon went on a hunt for the ugliest ones we could find. Mine were yellow with santa's all over, Jami's had dogs wearing Christmas hat. Gagsville!!!!!!

Over New Years Eve we went on a ski vacation with Brian's fam. I am so mad I don't have more pictures. His mom and sister-in-law always have there camera's out so I never get mine out. Lame excuse I know! Well here is the only one I did get. It was one of the funnest trips we have ever taken as a family. Skiing, eating, nintendo wii, hot tub. I forgot how much I like skiing, I need to start going more. I am sure my dad is mad he spent all that time teaching me when I was a kid just to throw it all away!