Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lexi's 2nd Birthday

Lexi Lou turned 2 years old on June 27th. We kept it pretty low key this year considering it was her Uncle Tanners last b-day before his mission too. Lex is so lucky to share her birthday with her cousin Tatum, and her Uncle Tanner. We of course had a pool party/BBQ for all three of them.

You have never seen such a cake snatcher in all your life! If we weren't looking Lexi would be digging her tiny baby fingers into the cake. She would point to the cake and say "my cake" and when she pulled her finger back it would be covered in frosting. After everyone was served a piece I finally gave her a fork and let her just go for it.

It was so fun to watch her open presents this year. She finally got the idea of it, and would be super excited for each present she got.
Brian and I gave her this little four wheeler. She was good at sharing it with all of her cousins too. I loved watching her run out of my mom's front door when she saw her four wheeler. She just kept yelling "my bike, my bike, my bike"!!!!!!!


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