Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spencer, Jami and Fam come to Utah

Whenever Jami and her family come home to Utah, Lexi and I go up to Layton and stay at my mom's with them. It is always such a good time. Me, Jami, and Shannon (when she can make it) turn back into teenagers. I am sure my mom hates it, since we are really messy, eat all her food, and sleep in until 10:00 everyday. But we absolutely LOVE staying with her, and Mike. Lexi and Navi have many matching clothes, and jammies. To say that Lexi loves pretending like she is a mom, to anyone that is younger than her would be an understatement. She goes the whole nine yard with baby talk, feeding her a bottle, wanting to change diapers, holding Navi, and do Navi's hair.

Spencer's family does a trip up to Bear Lake every year, and I used to go before I was married and just act like I was part of the fam. This year I decided to take Lex up and show her the whole Bowen experience. The Bowen's are probably the nicest, most humble, and generous people I have ever met. They treated me and Lexi just like family. It was such great day! Lexi and Crew loved the kayak. Spencer would push them through the water, and they thought they were pretty cool.
Spencer's main goal in life is to tease people. Especially those who are a bit sensitive like Lexi. He does it all in good fun, and Lexi need a bit of teasing in her life. If you look really close you can see a frog on Lexi's head which I am pretty sure she didn't realize was there.
One night we gave the kids a bath, and then just sat out in the hallway talking. When we came in to get the kiddos out of the tub this is what we found! Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!!!!!! They were everywhere! And this is a very deep bathtub, when standing the bubbles at one point went all the way up to Lexi's bellybutton.
So many bubbles so little time!


Souli & Ashley said...

Cute posts. That is fun that you go stay at your mom's. I love staying with mine. Its just a time to feel like a kid again. And to have someone take care of me for a change. Its good you are trying to get back in to blogging. I'm trying also its just hard to find the time. Also that always think I sound like a retard.

Jamie said...

Hey Jaclyn! I just wanted to say hello, it's been so long! Your family is so darling! I love reading you blog, I feel somewhat in touch! Glad you guys are doing well!