Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Summer Fun

We did a lot of fun things this summer including carnivals, splash pads, and eating many many popsicals. Lexi loved going to the carnivals and was not afraid of any of the rides. She would just want to go again and again. Brian won her this ugly, enormous monkey, by shooting a basketball, she is now obsessed with it.
I won her this awesome goldfish by throwing a ball into a fish bowl. I did with my second ball, and everyone thought there was no way I could do it. Unfortunetly, the fish died by the time we got to the car so we had to put him in the garbage can. Lexi was pretty sad about this and for the next few day kept asking where her fish went.

This was Lexi's favorite ride. She would have the hugest smile on her face the whole way down. Poor Bri had to take her about 4 times.
Lexi with her friends Lily and June.
There is this great splash pad in Highland/Alpine that we go to as much as we can. I love it because I don't need to worry about Lex drowning.

This is where Lex has to eat her popsicals if we aren't outside.

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Cummards said...

Yay for updating your blog! Casey still talks about Lex, and Utah all the sad :( He told Lee last night, he wants to go back to Utah! Lee said, well do you want to go to Arizona, or stay in France with me? And he said "no just home to utah!" aww. We miss you guys!!!!! I hope you are taking really good care of that baby ;)