Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disneyland / Beach House

The week before Halloween Lexi and I went to California with my sisters, their hubby's, and my mom. It was so much fun. We stayed at an AMAZING beach house in Huntington, and went to Disneyland. Lexi loved Disney! I was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. I thought for sure she would be terrified of the characters but she just wanted to kiss and hug them. I took her on the Matterhorn, and the roller coaster in Toon Town, it was so weird to see such a tiny little girl on these big rides, but she wanted to do them over and over again. We went on a bunch of the kids rides too, on those she kept saying, "Tell them to go faster mommy!" We of course also went to the beach while we were there. It was pretty cold, once you got in the water it wasn't too bad. Me and Jami buggy boarded, the kids just played in the sand all day with the boys. I love the beach, wish I lived right by one.

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Amy said...

Looks like fun, but probably not as much fun as when we were little and stayed at a beach house! Remember getting your head stuck in the line at the Dumbo ride? Remember looking for crabs on the beach and all that fun we had? Oh the memories!